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Bohemian Clothing for Women

Bohemian Clothing for Women

Having a mode of operation, systems and conventions certainly do make for order, clarity and efficiency. Can you imagine a society or an organization without them? Chaos will be the order of the day. Thus, no matter what your opinion might be, they still are a necessity not just in the society, but in the life of every individual, But creativity knows no bounds, and in all fields of endeavor where artistic expression is needed, there might be no conventional approach to achieving the outstanding. Add to this the very fact that art in itself is very subjective, then you will understand why bohemian clothing as a fashion style is worth taking a look at if not adopting.

What is Bohemian Clothing for women?

Bohemian clothing or boho-chic as it is more popularly known, is a fashion style derived from various hippie and bohemian influences, these were actual life styles adopted by various people across Europe and America starting from the nineteenth century and crossing over to the present day. However, it was adopted into a fashion style in the 1990s but came to its peak in the middle 2000s. You can read more on it  here.

The people who adopted this lifestyle where simply choosing to live an unconventional lifestyle through which they expressed their political and social views. It was also a means of showcasing and expressing their artistic inclinations as many artists of the 19th century adopted this lifestyle.

Well, while this lifestyle has survived (at least in concept and not really in practice) till this day, the fashion aspect has been further enhanced over time such that anyone can “rock it”. Add to this is the fact that it is always fashionable and there are many ways for ladies to rock this style without it being of great cost to them.

How women could go Bohemian in style?

How To Go Bohemian In Style

The first step to going boho-chic is understanding the idea behind the fashion style as we have it today. This is why it was important to lay the background by explaining the concept behind this fashion style. Also, be careful about the brands from which you get your clothes. You can visit sites like when looking for a brand to get your clothes from. You also have to understand that there is no one way to go about being boho- chic. With this understanding, the rest is about artistic expression. Below more about how to go about it.

1- Go natural with your Fabrics

The whole boho-chic idea is about being natural, it could be reflected in the type of clothing fabrics that you go for. Thus, fabrics like jute, linen, cotton, hemp and bamboo go well with this style. Non-synthetic fabrics like chiffon, lace and silk can be worn but synthetic fabrics are out of the question.

2- Wear flowing and Layered Clothing

The dress style here mostly involves wearing flowing dresses that have to be layered and loose fitting. Aside looking natural, it has to look casual and effortless therefore, light tops and tunics are usually preferred with peasant or maxi skirts. Once you get this, you can add your own touch to it.

3- Accessorize

Normally, this would imply putting on much jewelry, bangles and so on so as to have many accessories on you. This is not the case in this instance as you would have to creatively improvise. However, for the perfect boho-chic outlook, you would have to create and put on material accessories like scarves, and headbands. Also note that they can be worn in many ways including wearing it as a shoulder wrap or around the neck and so on.

4- Flared Jeans Also Fits The Style

All boho-chic outfits usually go well with flared jeans especially, if it is of the soft faded denim color. However, do not worry if you do not have those, any cool flare jean will do.

5- The Embellishments

No bohemian style is complete without some embellishments to further enhance the style and make it more original. The embellishments include; fringes, tassels, bags, jackets, feathers, scarves, lucky charms and the embroidery patterns normally found or used in clothes and so on. With this, you create the perfect boho-chic appearance. You can also source for more information on other bohemian clothing ideas that you may adopt to enrich your wardrobe or use for your clients if you’re a designer. For the everyday person, the aim is to look good, presentable and fashionable and not too hippie. Thus, you have to be careful and stylishly creative in your choice of clothes so as to have the desired effect as it concerns your appearance.


People want to express themselves in any way possible. One way to do this is through art and in this particular instance through fashion. The bohemian clothing for women is one way to do this whether you are a true believer or not. After all, creativity knows no bounds.

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