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Long tiantian Vsco Bracelets Ocean Wave Bracelet Adjustable Waterproof Handmade Strand Braided Rope Summer Sunflower Bracelet Set Christmas Jewelry Gift for Women Teen Girls


【Goods Description】high quality braided rope / wax rope / waterproof rope.The basic size is 3+2inches and can be adjusted.
【Design Match】A bracelet set with a combination of various elements, each set has a unique meaning! Wave Bracelet: The unrestrained play of the waves in the sea represents a free and unrestrained personality and a positive attitude towards life. Sun Flower Bracelet: The flower language of the sun flower is a silent love.
【Wave Bracelet Set】:We have provided you with a variety of matching solutions, from 2 sets to 4 sets, after the wave bracelet has been recognized by everyone, launched a sun flower bracelet, shell bracelet, and a variety of color braided wax cord bracelet!