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Dress for Travel Success: What to Wear and Not To Wear While Travelling

Dress for Travel Success: What to Wear and Not To Wear While Travelling

Traveling to your favorite destination is a thrilling and adventurous experience. It requires you to make arrangements in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Once you are done with all the reservations and research, it’s time for you to pack your bag for the escapade. The most pressing matter is what you have to pack and wear so that you are comfortable throughout your trip. The best idea is to pack light so that you don’t have to wait for hours in transit for your luggage arrival. The choice of your dressing entirely depends on the type of trip and weather condition at your destinations. Surely, you can take a formal dress, suit or a kaftan in case you have a formal invitation to a party. Nonetheless, it’s better that you avoid excessive packing as it will be difficult for you to handle everything together.

The optimal way to pack your luggage is to merge with the best of your dresses. TravelSmith gives you options of the most versatile pieces of clothes which you can wear while traveling. In this article, we will discuss some of the options for your travel wardrobe with suggestions to some dos and don’ts of travel packing:

  1. Choice of Shoe

Choice of Shoe

Shoes define your personality. While you are traveling, make sure you keep the set of shoes which are comfortable to walk in. A flip flop can only be packed if you are going to a beach. In addition, you should only take long boots in case of the weather forecast in your destination declares rainy days.

As many people say that comfortable feet are happy feet and they save to a lot of unnecessary trouble in case of excessive walking and hiking. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Training Shoes and Adidas Tubular Viral Sneaker are one of the best choices of shoes with great customer reviews.

  1. Appropriate Clothing Options

Sometimes people with much common sense are not able to understand the regional and cultural norms of the place. The simplest thing you can do is to pack clothing which is comfortable for you as well as presenting your style. It is a good idea to opt for modest dressing for any of conservative destinations. Make sure whatever t-shirts and tank tops you where doesn’t include any offensive writings or logos. These things are considered really distasteful in many Asian and Middle Eastern regions. You can buy the best clothing sets suitable for travel can be bought from TravelSmith and Travel Fashion Girl.

The key to dressing is that you can be able to go anywhere with that dress. It is important to keep in mind that you try to blend in with the cultural norms of your travel country as if you look different than you will be a target for pickpockets and kidnappers.

  1. Valuable jewelry

Valuable jewelry

It doesn’t matter where you are traveling or you have taken precautions to save your belongings if you are wearing flashy jewelry. You will get into the eyes of thieves the minutes they see your platinum ring or gold necklace. Jewelry adds compliments to your dressing but whenever you are traveling try to wear artificial jewelry which looks nice with your dress. It is difficult to carry a valuable jewelry item.

Brands like All Blue, Beaufille, and Agnes have striking urban designs which you can buy with minimal costs. They will be a nice addition to your collection of jewelry items and are useful costume items to go with all your dresses.

  1. The usefulness of Air pants and Zip Pocket jeggings

Use of air pants is increasing by tourists because of its easy usage and comfort. You can look stylish and have a lot of space in your pants with generous pockets. The plus point is that they are made from speedily dryable Enduro fabric which makes it easier to wash and dry. These pants can be used for any outing or occasion such as museums and hiking on mountain tops.

Zip pocket jeggings are made from soft material. They can be easily worn like jeans but they are thicker and durable during the travel endeavors. Most people wear it on the plane as it looks elegant and you can sleep in it like a baby. You can buy your pair of jeggings and air pants from Anatomie, ice breaker, encircled and Vacay Style. They are all the brand with the best customer reviews of the product.


Thoughtful packing for traveling will save you a lot of energy and effort. It will give you space to enjoy the most memorable time of your life. It is imperative that you organize the things you pack with precision so that it is stress-free for you to find them when the time comes.

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