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Selling on Jodyshop FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about selling your products online on Jodyshop marketplace. If you have inquiries about how to market your products, please read the Sellers FAQ guide for help.
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Selling On Jodyshop FAQ

Selling on Jodyshop FAQ - Sellers Frequently Asked Questions!

How to Sell on Jodyshop?

Jodyshop provides an extra monetization program that enables both retailers, individuals, and businesses to sell their own products on

Why should I sell on Jodyshop?

There are many reasonable reasons to sell on Jodyshop – hundreds of retailers, store owners even at Amazon saw our website search results in popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing.

What is category restrictions?

Approval always required to list your products in our website categories. Please See the Allowed Categories page for more information.

How to open new seller's account?

Sign-up your free seller’s account today, There is no need to contact our support team just do it yourself by clicking on the Sell button.

Can I manage my selling account?

Sure! There is a powerful Seller’s Dashboard section to manage all aspects of selling on Jodyshop. You will be able to manage your seller’s account, add new products, add your business information, and more.

Is it possible to close my vendor account?

When you want to close your account permanently, Please contact our Seller Support to assist you. You can suspend your listings, or remove it entirely but keep your selling account open.

What items I cannot sell on

Some products cannot be approved for listing as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory restrictions. Read our Prohibited Products section.

How much does it cost to sell on

Jodyshop offers free selling plans. Only takes a fixed commission on sales only and small PayPal payment money transfer.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $200, and we take a 10% commission on every single order you make. You’re responsible for handling Shipping and taxes (if any).
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